What sets us apart from the competition? A lot! Please read before you make a purchase!



  1. Our tabletops can be ordered intended for indoor use or can be ordered for outdoor/high humidity conditions. This is an important distinction. MDF is very good for indoor use, and is preferable indoors because it is more economical. Plywood is needed for outdoor and high humidity situations.
  1. A coat of brown water resisting paint is put on every tabletop underside for best long term wear, indoor or outdoor use.
  2. We offer several different patinas to suit individual needs and tastes and will send, upon request, a complementary set of 5 patina colors to interested customers before they commit to purchase. Please call us for this.
  3. We will work to make sure that the tabletop underside is made to accommodate the customer's base. There are mounting boards underneath copper tabletops These mounting boards need to line up with the top of the customer's base. We will work with the customer via photos, measurements, or drawings to be sure that we make the tabletop so that it will fit down on the customer's base for connection and easy setup. This at no extra charge.
  4. We will wax or lacquer the copper top. Each of these options has advantages. We will explain by phone or you can consult the care pages.
  5. We will make the tabletop corners at 90 degrees or rounded (for safety purposes) at no extra charge.
  6. If a custom size is needed to fit your particular space we can do it.
  7. When you call, you will talk to an American owner who will answer the phone and who has a vested interest in making sure the customer is satisfied after purchase.
  8. We ship via DHL Air. This means that we get quick service to our U.S. Markets once the tabletop is made, usually getting delivery in 2-4 business days.
  9. We pack heavily to insure the product arrives just as we sent it. Wooden crates are used on the medium sized and large tabletops. Thick, sturdy cardboard on the smallest tabletops. Ample styrofoam wrapping is used on all the tabletops
  10. All shipments are insured, so that in the unlikely event of damage, the customer is fully insured; will not suffer loss; and will be happy with the end result.
  11. We routinely work with restaurants, hotels, designers and furniture companies and encourage anyone in those industries to check us at www.copperrestauranttables.com for volume quotes.
  12. Our welds are done carefully and professionally so that they are not noticeable. Our hammermarks are small. Undersides finished with file and sandpaper to be sure all sharps and rough spots are worked out. 


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