10 Easy Steps to Care for Your Copper Sink and Table Top

Copper products are easy to maintain. Simply use a mild soap and water and a soft cloth for drying.

Since our products are hand-hammered with a natural finish, do not use abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals or steel wool pads as these will scratch the surface and affect the patina of your product.

Copper has antibacterial qualities so there is no need to disinfect a sink with harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Acidic foods can affect the patina leaving a shiny spot if allowed to sit for prolonged periods of time on your copper product. Should an acidic product such as tomato or citrus fruit affect the patina, there is no need to worry, as the original patina will return in time and with use.

Should a shiny spot appear on your product, the best remedy is to do nothing but wait. Leave the area free of wax or oil so that the air can re-oxidize the spot.

Remember that the finish of your product will gradually change over time, as this is the nature of copper. To protect the original patina and to aid in water runoff, you can use a paste wax product or furniture oil.

Remember that your copper product is a "living" product. It is only natural that it change over time and with use.

Every patina will vary from product to product. While we make every effort to give the customer what is requested, we cannot guarantee a request given the nature of copper and the patina process. This gives your product its beauty and charm.

Copper is also malleable. Should your sink arrive with a bent edge, it can be hammered back into shape with little effort. Protect the surface with a soft cloth and use a rubber mallet to GENTLY hammer the edge back into shape. Should the apron of a farmhouse sink arrive with waves, simply place a piece of 2X4 in between the apron and the well and GENTLY push up on the apron.

To get a shiny finish we recommend using furniture wax.  Our Coppersmiths do not use lacquer nor do they recommend using lacquer on their products. All of their finishes are created with wax products and heat. We recommend using a furniture paste wax or furniture oil.

We hope you will love your copper product and appreciate the ease of care and maintenance. Should you have any further questions regarding the care and maintenance of your copper product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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