Nickel Plated Sinks 

 We utilize state of the art technology to plate our copper sinks with nickel.  This nickeling process has been taken to the highest level.  Other companies offer nickel plated sinks; but inferior plating processes can lead to the quick deterioration of the nickel coating that derives from any number of sources, including dish soap!  We know because we did the tests.  Beyond the superior plating process, we offer a protective coating on our nickel plated sinks.  This high quality two-layered plating and protection process prevents damage and deterioration of the nickel from common problems.  This has lead to our new and innovative armored nickel products.  

Regular care and maintenance would include cleaning with mild, non-abrasive cleaners like dish soap using a soft sponge or cloth.  Scotch pads and other abrasive products are not recommended.  Hard usage of abrasive cleaning products with our nickel plated sinks can cause damage to the protective coating, thus our warranty cannot cover that type of damage. However, if scotch pad or other abrasions occur we have tips for mitigating it.  
Other products that can be purchased from us in the nickel plated patina are range hoods, tiles, and mirror frames.  We cannot offer our tabletops with the nickel plating.
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