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Copper Table Tops 

All the copper table tops are stylish - unique, beautiful, and easy to care for. Our copper tabletops are made of hand-hammered 20 gauge copper set over a 3/4" board. Three quarter inch cross pieces was added to the bottom of the table for further reinforcement. Each table is 1.5" deep with hand-hammered edges. Larger tabletops are normally 2 inches thick, and we have made them up to 4 inches thick! EACH TABLE IS PERSONALLY INSPECTED BY US, the owners. All of our products can be custom ordered.

We will enjoy working with you to place a copper tabletop perfectly over your existing base. It is important that the top be supported and attached at all appropriate points underneath, and we will work with to you to get it right.

Add a round Lazy Susan for the perfect dining set combination.


You can speak directly with us about our products. Call us toll free at (866) 216-1595.