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We sell only quality hand-hammered copper products. All of our copper products are personally inspected prior to shipment for quality and beauty. Every product is carefully packed to insure a safe arrival. Every product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The element copper is a completely natural material. It has been used for making jewelry, weapons, tools, and vessels for over 5,000 years. Our products are made of 98% -99% (1% zinc and trace amounts of iron) pure recycled copper in the Mexican state of Michoac�n, where coppersmiths have worked this precious and useful metal for over 500 years. We do not use 100% pure copper because that would be needlessly expensive, and because 100% pure copper will not take a patina in the same way recycled copper will. We have had our recycled copper professionally analyzed for content by Luvak, Inc of Boylston, MA. The results indicate that the recycled copper we use is 98%-99% pure with trace amounts of iron and 1.78% zinc.

Our products are hand-hammered by individual artisans from a sheet of recycled copper that has been melted and rolled in local foundries. The process combines prehispanic, colonial, and modern techniques to produce a product that is completely unique in color and hammer pattern. The hammered pattern of our products adds not only long lasting beauty but strength to each product.

The beauty of unpolished copper in a sink or other copper product is unsurpassed. Its colors are rich, profound, and varied. Climate, heat, and type of wood used in firing influence the natural resulting colors of our products. The colors of natural copper change overtime, as the "patina" ages. Our artisans do not use selenium dioxide or lacquer to produce or retard the patina of their products.

UNWAXED copper has an inherent aversion to growth of many kinds of bacteria (see: antibacterial qualities of copper). Its antibacterial properties kill certain dangerous bacteria, namely Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, E. Coli O157:H7, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ("MRSA") much more rapidly than do stainless steel or porcelain surfaces when cleaned regularly. The Copper Development Association has recently clarified that only copper products that are free of any sealant retain their antibacterial qualities (see: CDA clarification). This is why Mexican Home Art gives its customers a choice in finishes. If this quality is essential to you, you can choose a product that is free of wax (i.e., we will send it without wax), the only finish we use on our products. We send our products waxed, but the wax can be washed off, with hot water and soap.

The continuous reduction of bacterial contamination and the residual self-sanitizing activity abilities of copper were discovered using the sanitizer efficacy testing method which have been recognized by the E.P.A. Similar results were found during trials by the Medical University of South Carolina for the US Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC).

Copper products are easy to maintain and last a lifetime.


10 Easy Steps to Care for Your Copper Sink and Table Top

Copper products are easy to maintain. Simply use a mild soap and water and a soft cloth for drying. Since our products are hand-hammered with a natural finish, do not use abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals or steel wool pads as these will scratch the surface and affect the patina of your product. Copper has antibacterial qualities so there is no need to disinfect a sink with harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Acidic foods can affect the patina leaving a shiny spot if allowed to sit for prolonged periods of time on your copper product. Should an acidic product such as tomato or citrus fruit affect the patina, there is no need to worry, as the original patina will return in time and with use. Should a shiny spot appear on your product, the best remedy is to do nothing but wait. Leave the area free of wax or oil so that the air can re-oxidize the spot. Remember that the finish of your product will gradually change over time, as this is the nature of copper. To protect the original patina and to aid in water runoff, you can use a paste wax product or furniture oil. Remember that your copper product is a �living� product. It is only natural that it change over time and with use. Every patina will vary from product to product. While we make every effort to give the customer what is requested, we cannot guarantee a request given the nature of copper and the patina process. This gives your product its beauty and charm.

Some of our customers have asked how to make their product look shiny. Our coppersmiths do not use lacquer nor do they recommend using lacquer on their products. All of their finishes are created with wax products and heat. We recommend using a furniture paste wax or furniture oil.

We hope you will love your copper product and appreciate the ease of care and maintenance. Should you have any further questions regarding the care and maintenance of your copper product, please do not hesitate to contact us.


* How durable is a copper table top?

A copper table top is very durable, and harder than wood, but it is a piece of furniture, often one that will be used daily. Take care of it as you would a table top of a different material. We suggest using coasters and place mats to avoid unwanted "stains" or scratches (unusual).

*Can you put a varnish or lacquer on the table top?

Yes, you can, however, we do not recommend it as they do not adhere well to copper and tend to flake off. If the varnish gets a scratch there is no way to fix it.

*Can the counter top be cut before receiving a sink?

Since our sinks are hand crafted, they can vary slightly in size by a few millimeters from the original order. It is recommended that the counter maker have the sink for precise measurements.

*What is the difference between a drop-in sink and an undermount sink?

A drop-in sink sits on top of the counter. The rim of the sink is exposed. Most sinks tend to be drop-in. The rim of an undermounted sink will sit below the counter and not be exposed. Our drop-in sinks have a flat rim and can be undermounted.

*Are copper sinks noisy?

Like any metal sink, a copper sink will have a metallic noise to it. However, copper is unlike bell metals, such as brass. It doesn't not have a strong resonant ring.

*Can the patina peel off?

Our patinas are not painted on. Each patina is created with heat which rapidly oxidizes the copper. It will continue to oxidize slowly over time. It cannot peel off.

*Will the patina of a copper sink change over time?

Because copper is a living material, the patina will naturally change over time. To retard the change and to aid in water run off, it is recommended that the sink be waxed or oiled periodically.

*Are copper sinks hard to care for?

In fact, a copper sink is easy to care for. Just clean it with a mild soap and water then pat it dry. Never use an abrasive cleaner as this will affect the patina and could scratch the surface.

*Are there any foods that will affect the patina?

Acidic foods that are allowed to sit on the product will cause shiny patches of uneven patina. Remember that copper is a living material and will naturally renew itself over time. Leave the area free of wax or oil to allow the copper to re-oxidize.

*Where can accessories be purchased that complement the sink?

Any plumbing supply store will have either readily available accessories or will have catalogs from which to order. Brass or weathered copper faucets, drain baskets, disposal flanges can be purchased through your local plumbing supply outfit. We offer a sink drain, lavatory drain, and disposal flange and stopper, each in attractive colors which can be ordered online.

*Will a water glass leave a ring on my copper table?

A water ring will can be left on a copper table top if it sits too long on the table, but it is normally a ring that is in the wax or furniture polish you have used. Again, the ring will disappear over time.. It is suggested that after cleaning your table with soap and water that you dry it with a soft cloth.

*Do your copper sinks have overflow holes?

We can make your sink with an overflow hole for an extra charge because we specialize in custom design, we can make a sink anyway a customer prefers.

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