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 Hello Sam, 

A bit late, but as promised here is a photo of the gorgeous Mexican Home Art table that is the centerpiece of our new casa Heissenbuttel. We love it!

Thanks to you and your team! Barbara and Artie H More pics to follow...

We received our table and love it'  One screw tab  broke away from the frame but with the others, it is not a problem. We can't wait for our king bed head and foot board'...If possible, can we get pictures of the bed?

Thanks again'

Jim & Sheila C Order 883.6

We will be looking at the other table items we will be needing as soon as we complete our move by mid May.


Hi Sam, Our copper bartop and two sinks are in and they are the most beautiful copper products I have ever seen. We just love them.  Thank you so much for helping us through this process. Everything fit perfectly. Have a great day. Roxann P Order 2153

Sam, we are Very excited to have our table in our home. 
Thanks for all  The emails phone calls and communication in order to get just the right fit for us.

The finish product is beautiful. I hope many others have the same positive experience that we did.

Thanks Again, Bruce & Paula M Order 2148

Josh, Received the table top today and I've attached a picture of your top on my table legs. I'm extremely satisfied with the top and that's quite a packaging job. Jerry B Order 2105 

Thanks Sam, the table top turned out terrific everyone just
loves it. Have a Merry Christmas, Bob & Irma G Order1570

Gorgeous!!! Thank you so much! Lori. Lori B Have a wonderful day! Order 2150

Sam, we are Very excited to have our table in our home. Thanks for all  The emails phone calls and communication in order to get just the right fit for us. The finish product is beautiful. I hope many others have the same positive experience that we did. Thanks Again, Bruce & Paula M Order 2148

Hi Sam, Here are some pictures of our kitchen table.  I hope you can see where there is an accumulation of something in the deeper parts of the hammered copper.  I think it looks like the old polish collected dirt and grime in the divots of the metal.   Can you please let us know how to best prepare the table to be re-waxed?  Or if there is something we need to do besides applying a copper wax.   Again, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy this table.  My wife fell in love with it and bought it when we moved into our new house 11 years ago and we still get compliments on it from guests when they see it for the first time.  Not many products sold today have that kind of quality and durability, not to mention beauty.  You have a great product and we want you to know your work is appreciated even 11 years later. Thank you, JK

Sam, the table arrived safely yesterday. We started assembly yesterday and completed the task today. The base legs are different than the original picture but have to say that I like them much better. The table top is magnificent!!! So much more beautiful than I imagined. There were no damages except a small scrape on one of the legs. Is it possible to get a very small amount of touch up paint?  Please let me know it you would like a picture of the scrape. It was an extreme pleasure doing business with you and your company. Thank you, Order 1395

This photo comes from L. B.’s facebook page.  She loves the table and called me today to lead me to this photo which she hopes we will post somewhere on the site.  Says we can refer to her on the site as L.B. from Florida and says she is "thrilled with the table and gets constant comments about it".  LB

Talked with J K this morning about her outstanding balance.  Said the tops we sent for M were absolutely gorgeous.  That "with that kind of workmanship, there will be more business to follow". Order 1296

 Hi Sam:
I got my table top today. It is beyond beautiful. It will just be divine in my master bedroom. Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will order again from you in the future. Order 1315

Success!!  Thank you for your direction and patience!  It's beautiful…thanks again! Order 1320

Thank you so much for your quick response. We love our table! We are definitely
referring anyone we can to y'all! It is beautiful and we get compliments on it all the time.
Thank you! Order 965.2

Talked with Workman this morning.  Part of her order was in.  Said it was beautiful.  Asking about care. Order 1302

We are very happy with the quality of the workmanship. Thought you might like to see this picture. Doesn't look so big in front of a 12 foot L shaped couch. Order 1301

My gorgeous table top arrived today.  I LOVE it!  Thanks so much-
Order 1150

Hi Sam. Just wanted to let you know that the copper table is set up in our new dining room and we love it! It is the perfect size and shape and is everything we hoped it would be. As soon as I buy a sideboard for the room and hang some art, I will take some photos and send them to you. I am curious as to what you would advise re: cleaning the table. Are there any special products we should use? Is water okay? Soap? I've been reluctant to do anything without consulting you first.Thanks again for designing and building such a beautiful table for us! Order 1110

Just wanted to let you know we received the tables and they are beautiful. They were packaged very well and are in great condition, no damages found upon inspection.  We also received the refund check. You've been great to work with and I hope to do business with you again in the future.  I will email you photos of our lounge as soon as I have some.

Thanks! Order 1214

We got the table. It was color coded!! And it went together beautifully. My wife and I laid on it and stared at the trees for an hour. Thank you so much for a piece we know we will love for many years to come. Order 1221

Clay, Order 1090 got his order and was thrilled with the beauty and exact perfection in detail.  Wanted all who worked on it to know.  Said he would be a reference for us and would probably have more business from himself now for us.  Phone call to Sam White

Here's what I want you to know about it, first:  The whole transaction was smooth, pleasant, and helpful. Sam got back to me right away, worked with me on my selection, helped with a tricky charge processing issue. Everything proceeded on schedule. The table was very well packed, and arrived in excellent condition.

It is beautiful.

There was no major problem putting it together (we did have to drill out one misaligned hole for one of the four allen bolts that fasten the grid plate to the base.)

 The only problem is that I ordered the wrong base. I'll give you this information in the hope that it will help others looking for a dining table. I wanted a "pedestal" style base, as I don't like legs on a small table. So we ordered the mission-style base. Here's the problem:

 As you can see, the chairs don't push all the way in.

The front of the chairs are snugged right up to the metal gridwork on the base, sadly. I did not have a good mental picture, when Sam told me the overhang of the table from the edge of the base. My mental picture of the base was considerably smaller, enough to push a chair in all the way.

Our "fix" for this will probably involve removing the lower portion of the grid work altogether, so that we can both push the chairs all the way in (they will fit between the corner posts) and stretch out legs when people are sitting at the table. I am wondering if you can advise me of the best way to touch up the finish, after completing this, as it will leave small patches of bare metal showing. Suggestions welcome. I'm thinking Rustoleum touch-up paint in espresso brown.

Finally, I am looking at ordering a 12' lazy-susan in the same finish, as a center piece for the table. Can you advise me as to price and production time?

Thank you very much! Order 1126

Our table arrived, and it has exceeded our expectations! It is a beautiful piece of Art Work and craftsmanship, we are extremely happy.

Thank you 

Carmin & Donna

Here is the table you made sitting in my office. I love it!
Thank you
Order 1082


We received the table and it is beautiful.  We will take some pictures and send them.  Thank you!  Beautiful product and great

We had no trouble setting it up.  Thanks for everything! Order 1085

 Hi Clay:

My beautiful table arrived yesterday and I must say we are more than pleased, both with the customer service your company has provided and the beauty of the table.  I am so very happy and will remain a customer, already planning my copper sink you offer.

Thank you again and enjoy your day, Sharon

Hi Sam, our table has arrived and we love it! Thank you so much. I do want to tell you about the shipping issue we had though in case it matters to your company. They delivered it on Tuesday of this week apparently,  and my husband didn't find it until Wednesday afternoon. They had set it up against one of our outbuildings,( we have a crop farm) and left it there in the rain. It was clearly marked " fragile" and our house is right there close to the shops so they easily could have left at the front door, under our covered porch.It sat there overnight , into the next day until he spotted it. Because it was well packaged there was no damage. So all is well, but just thought you might like to know. Thanks again for a great product and great customer service,  Order 971.3

Omg! Clay, I just realized I didn't email you when the table arrived! I'm so sorry. I was cleaning out my emails and found this from a while ago.
The table is absolutely stunning and is the perfect match for the room. As soon as I get home I will take a good picture to send to you. I think I was waiting until the room was fully decorated to take a good pic for you.
My husband and I are so pleased with the table. Thank you for such an amazingly beautiful job!

Sorry for the delay in writing.
The Copper table looks great. Very happy with the quality and the "look" of the table. We added some black leather chairs, grabs your attention when you enter the kitchen. Thanks to everyone. Order 968.3
Dear Dorian,
Thank you for sending a replacement table top.  It arrived yesterday, and we uncrated it this morning, and it is in perfect condition.
We are so impressed and appreciative of your Company's integrity in standing behind your product.  It was a pleasure to meet your son.  He was very professional and a gentleman.
Thank you again.  You, your husband and son have been exceptional in your business dealings and ethics.
Sincerely, Order 911B
Hi, The table was delivered late yesterday and we love it!! What a beautiful addition to our home. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! Order 966.7
Just wanted you to know that I received the table as promised and on time.  It is beautiful and works perfectly where I had intended it to.  The 10inch foot rail height is perfect as well.  Thank you and thank everyone who worked on it. Order 963.20

Hi Clay!! Just wanted to let you know table top arrived safe and sound and is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for everything!! PS...am I going to need a degree in rocket science to be able to attach the top to the base??  Order 963.21

Clay, I received the table top today and I have to tell you I couldn't be happier!!! The quality and craftsmenship is absolutely top notch! It is gorgeous! Just the colors I was looking for. I used 12 1" felt pads. Stuck them to the bottom of the copper table leaving the felt side down. Works like a charm. The packaging is also top notch. Packaged very well! To me the packaging says allot about a company. Good packaging tells me that the company CARES about their work, bad packaging tells me that, well they just don't give a sh!t. Anyway, great job all the way around from our first phone call to the end product. Tell everyone involved great job!!!And as a matter of fact because I am so pleased with your work I'm thinking or ordering another table top. This will be for my coffee table. It measures 41" square. I would like a top 48" square. We can make this one in the same fashion as the round top so it lays right on top. I would like the same patina/finish with the pyramids along the edge, plywood and 2" thick. What would be the cost of this one?Attached is a pic of the coffee table and a pic of the new top. Again, it's been a pleasure working with you and your team. Keep up the good work!!! Order 967.2  
Hi Clay and Dorian,
 I just wanted to let you know that I love my table.  It is beautiful and was totally worth the wait!  Your instructions for putting it together was very helpful.  
 I also really appreciated your immediate help with regards to the lost table.  I will be happy to refer anyone who is looking for anything copper to your business.
 Take Care, Order 949.31
Hi Dorian,
I worked with you a few years ago on a couple of table for our living room, which we LOVE!!
We are building a new home, and are thinking about copper.  We have an island, 5ftx7ft roughly, and are thinking a copper top over granite, and possibly copper back splash in the kitchen.  Would either of these projects be possible?  
Let me know when you have a moment.
Thanks and best,  Order 971.16

Hi Clay -
Well, we finally took receipt of the copper island yesterday.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  You and your team did an excellent job on this table.  Scott is very pleased with the outcome and so am I.
Thanks for working with us on this.  
Appreciate your patience. Order 935.3

Hi Sam,
Got my table top the other day.
I love it!  Looks great.
Fits perfect on the base I got at Arhaus.  I wasn't sure what you meant about the underneath table support. Thought it would show but is built in and wrapped by copper. Perfect!
Now to find chairs!  
Thx again ! Order 1061

Sam. We send you our sincere thanks for providing us with an excellent product. The copper top table arrived yesterday and the highest quality and professional craftsmanship stood out immediately when I removed the table from the shipping crate. The table was packed and crated with extreme care so please relay our appreciation to the folks responsible for their most important work. Again, thank you very much for your assistance and we definitely chose the right company for this purchase. Sincerely Order 1065

Clay, I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond... We received the door and were finally able to take it out of the box last weekend... without question or doubt, it is the nicest kitchen table I have ever seen. I am going to send you a testimonial and picture this weekend; however, I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how overwhelmingly satisfied we were with the table. I only hope that our pictures capture how nice it looks in our house. Thanks again for everything!! Order 535

We received the copper top last week, and it is just gorgeous! I really love it. I am sorry for all of the trouble shipping it, but I am spreading the word about where I got my table top and sink so that hopefully I can send some more business your way. Thank you again! Order 575.2

Dear Ms. Slate, We received our table top and it is just beautiful!! It was so well packed that it took us about an hour to get it out of the package. We love it. Thank You so very much for your assistance and for providing such a wonderful product. Your customer service and communications were top notch!! In today's world your kind and professional attitude is hard to come by. I would recommend your business and wonderful copper products to everyone. Thank You again and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Order 607

Hi Sam, Table is everything I thought it would be. Packed very well and no damage. Good product. Thanks! Mark (ebay shopper)

Hi Dorian, We received the table top and I just wanted to let you know how beautiful it is and to thank you and Clay for all of your help and patience. We can't wait to use it! We are installing in small wet bar with Santa Fe brown granite. Haven't decided whether to undermount or drop in...we were all set on undermount until we saw how pretty the sink is and we don't want to lose the part that would be visible if we undermount it! :-) We'll send pics when our reno is complete. Happy New Year, Order 618.2

As you can see, I received this message a while back. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am enjoying the table. It is very nice. I will refer people to you if I receive inquiries. Order 606.1

Hi Dorian. Attached is a picture of the 54" round copper table you sold me. I love it. Feel free to use it in your advertising. Order 545

I have been thrilled with our copper table top. Finally, here are some pictures of it in our kitchen. I hope these will be of use to you. Thank you, Order 575.2

I received the table top and it is stunning. I LOVE it. Thank you. Order 631

Dear Mr. Slate, We have received the table & the lazy susan, and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. We will certainly keep your company in mind for future needs. The best to you, Order 642.4

Hi Clay, We LOVE the table! It's just what I wanted. Thanks a million for being so patient and responsive through this whole process! Much luck to you. Order 648.1 PS....I will be taking photos and sending them on in the coming weeks (after we have the base).

Hi Dorian, Wow! I must say�the table is an absolute beauty. It just arrived today. I am glad that I got to work such wonderful people as you guys and hope to pass your name along as soon as people come for dinner and start asking about it! Thanks for being so great to work with � highly professional and great customer service (a rarity these days). Take care, Order 675.1

The bar top arrived and just slid right into place. It is better than we expected. Order 675.6

I have two things I need to say. The first is the the bar is far more than we expected. We really didn't expect anything so beautiful. The color is beautiful. It is absolutely perfect. We couldn't be happier with it... Order 675.6

the table top just arrived - just wanted you to know that it is beautiful.. thank you - i will be sure to recommend you to all my friends... Order 541

Dear Dorian & Clay � I would like to thank you for the quality workmanship on our laundry room top. Please see attached pictures. The room really came out perfect. Thanks again, Order 675.2

The table looks great. Milo did have to drill a new hole in the round part that attached to the legs. For some reason, the holes did not line up like their corresponding numbers indicated. Thank you for including the screws; we had not been able to find that exact size. I really love it. Thank you both for getting a stable base to us. Order 673.3

Hi Clay...I've been meaning to write to you, but I've had a busy work week! It is exactly what I wanted! Just perfect! It looks beautiful in my home and I am very satisfied. Thank you for this wonderful table and for your attention to detail and care! I truly appreciate it. Order 676.2

Hi Dorian, We just wanted to let you know the table and base arrived, we put it together and it is PERFECT. It is just what we wanted. Thank you so much. We will be telling our friends and family about you. Fondly, Order 677.6

Clay, We couldn't believe how well it was packaged. My husband and I were outside with the delivery guy as he took the copper top off the truck and the top fell onto the road - on its edge. We were SO worried that the fall had damaged the top, so we asked the delivery man to wait while we unpackaged it. There was no problem at all! We were quite surprised because it fell pretty forcefully. Dale (my husband) had put the base together earlier in the day - but, he'd tightened the bolts too much so the square iron frame didn't fit correctly. But, he knew what the problem was, loosen the bolts, and everything fell into place. Really, he said that it was quite simple - he just needed a little help turning it over. Be sure to let the folks on Commander's Cover know that they are welcome to come see our table! I'm so glad that we got the 48 inch! Our space could have handled a 54 inch, but since we play cards there every Saturday night, the 48 inch will be much better for us. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! Looking forward to the barstools! Order 680.96

Good morning, Clay! Well, our beautiful table arrived late Friday night! Actually, the base got here Friday morning, but the copper top was delivered about 8:30 p.m. AND, it is GORGEOUS! We ended up at Pier I purchasing some black leather parson-style chairs and they look terrific with the table - plus they are very comfortable. I will take a picture of everything and send it to you! Looking forward to the bar stools! Got to get ready for work - but, wanted to let you know! 680.96

Hi Dorian, The table arrived today and it is beautiful. Wow, did you package it. It fits the room perfectly. Thank you, Order 692

Wow, here it is only 11 days later and our table has been delivered in time for Christmas! I've attached the legs and ready to wax....but it already looks GORGEOUS!!! The top arrived so fast, I'm not sure the stain on the underside is dry! You know you'll be spoiling us.....we'll expect that service when we'll order our matching Pub table top next :). I'll shoot you a picture so you can help us with the right base/legs for the Pub table, but wanted you to know how happy we are with the coffee table top and how fast it got here.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your weather down there-----I'm looking outside at a blizzard, we're expecting 2-4 inches in the next 24 hours. Order 694.4

Dorian, Got the table top last night and we are VERY pleased with it. Thank you so much for doing such a great job and for getting it here before Christmas although that was not the goal. It was great doing business with you and if we need anything else or if we hear of anyone wanting copper anything we will recomend you. Order 694.2

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